Thursday, April 3, 2014


Here is a story that we like very much even if the bit about deliberately running aground runs contrary to accepted practice. Sometimes a stranded boat or a fiery boat is just the thing to show the requisite determination. I got the steer from our colleagues at gcaptain, where it has been an eventful week. Here is the link from the bigstory.

The Philippines are taking on the Chinese in the South China Sea. There's a reason this ship of theirs looks like hell. You should take a minute to read the story. It's gratifying to see at least one country that plays the game of kings with panache and daring...even if it is with a ratty old tank landing ship.


Buck said...

I've done my remote tours, but NEVER anything like that!

HMS Defiant said...

I did one tour on a desert island with 25 other guys. We had it pretty easy I think. While I was there I met a USCG officer who had been OIC of a LORAN station on some unpopulated Pacific atoll with a couple dozen coasties. While there they were informed by message that it was turtle mating season and that they were not to leave their little 2 acre compound for several months until the hatchlings crawled away.
We never saw any turtles on my little desert island and we wouldn't tell even if we did.