Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I see these signs all over MetroParkCentralis. They are everywhere. I am actually tempted to call because I wonder. What do you say? "Ah, control, I've got a smoker here."

But we know how the call would work out, don't we precious. Oh my yes.

"What's your name? Your full name. What's your address? Is this your phone that you're calling from? Do you live at the address listed for this phone number? What is your social security number? Do you still own a 328i BMW convertible? Is it at this address? Do you own any firearms? Have you ever owned any firearms? An officer will be on the line shortly to assist you. Don't hang up."

I believe I shall just continue to wonder. I wouldn't call that number if Krakatoa erupted next door.


Buck said...

I'm thinkin' a call to that number would result in a SWAT team deployment. In an MRAP.

HMS Defiant said...

2 of them!