Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This will slowly turn green over the next couple of months and then it will be a cool and leafy place with a small river running through it and it's about a 5 minute walk from home so I can drop by anytime I want even when I'm not passing through and just going to somewhere else. I'm looking forward to it more and more.
It is a park, but not a MetroPark. It lies bounded between 4 roads with confusing names that don't match the surroundings and mislead with false allusions to directions they don't go. It is, nonetheless, a very peaceful place. Still, there are small poignant signs of immortality that show that others have wandered a little farther than I.

I'll catch up some day. As it happens, the young lady was the granddaughter of a man with an atrocious cockney accent. We are fortunate that he publicized the affliction that carried off this young lady and that the echoes linger long after I remembered why it was dangerous beyond belief to give small children any aspirin. We certainly don't give any little girls we know aspirin. We didn't even have it in the house.

The news these days is grim. I'm tired of it. I have taken a 6 year hiatus from televised news, can I do no less with internet news? I don't really think I can. The whole world is bound up in earth shaking events that set the future stamp of history plainly for any with eyes to see. It is clear to me that nothing will change the outlook or opinion on any particular matter for those who are slaves to their own beliefs and ideology. There's really no point in trying anymore which is largely why I have left off antagonizing Skippy and a great host of others.

This being the day and age for it, I simply wonder how the good socialists can fail to accept the truth of this:
unless they have some other explanation for how the most industrialized and advanced city in the world turned into ruins while the slightly radio-active ruins of another city blossomed into a beautiful industrial city at the same time.

I'm just going to skip over the bits I no longer care for. I'll be fascinated in the weaponization of RC aircraft and I'll be interested in learning what the Korean ferry collided with before it sank. Won't we all be amazed if it was an old Russian submarine? I have to admit I'm much more used to hearing about our submarines accidentally ripping the bottoms out of ships but it's a growth industry and who knows, maybe it was just a rock.


Anne Bonney said...

I hope you do a series of photos as spring unfolds.

HMS Defiant said...

Ah, you invite hubris who is a fine but taxing guest. I'd be tempted to string it all together as some sort of gif thing and go nuts in the attempt.
Very well. I shall essay this Pole.