Sunday, April 27, 2014


It does make you wonder. 


Buck said...

Which just goes to prove gub'mint programs are FOREVER.

HMS Defiant said...

In addition to Python, I also liked another set of people, ref on the right, who chastized those who were out to make a better world. In our history in the last 100 years alone, those who set out to make a better world started each time by building a mound of corpses of innocents just to get a good stance to take a swing at the rest of the world.
The people who approved the Amendment did so because they were convinced it would lead to a better world. I can't say they did wrong at the time but it sometimes looks like the only solution is money when a lot of the time, the solution defies money and lays in another area altogether. I see it that way in Education. Setting aside one factor there is zero correlation between amount of money spent/pupil and student outcome. That one factor is the socio/economic class of each pupil's parents. It reminds me of my old missile system. It was staggeringly good at killing targets,......if it made it off the launch rail. Each of the missiles cost the same and were fired from the same system. I'd hate to tell you how many failed to make if off the rail.