Saturday, April 12, 2014


In my little town we have a unique arrangement where the city requires that the residents pay to maintain the sidewalks that run in front of their houses. A city assessor will come around every few years and mark the old limestone sandstone slabs that need replacement because they have become cracked and broken over the years. The city then sends a team to dig them up and replace them and will, at your request, leave you the limestone sandstone for your own garden or whatever. Then they send you the bill.

My neighbor isn't real happy with the process and his dramatic protest has taken the following form:

Yep, the city team came six months ago and pulled out a perfect unblemished limestone sandstone block from his sidewalk and conveniently left it right in front of the new slab they poured in its place. Then they billed him $400.00.

The slab isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It lays there as a mute protest against the Man.


Anne Bonney said...

Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting to pay the man for taking care of my sandstone sidewalk and putting in the same kind of ugly concrete.

HMS Defiant said...

Yeah, sandstone. That's what it is. I just forgot how to spell it, that's all. :)