Tuesday, April 1, 2014


What died and put these lunatics in charge? 
 Brim, who has been hospitalized at least nine times for mental illness since 1994, acknowledged she had once been carried out of a Bridgeview courtroom on a stretcher after going “catatonic” during her court call. Her physicians had repeatedly allowed her to discontinue taking mood-stabilizing drugs, she said, but she wasn’t diagnosed with a bipolar type of schizoaffective disorder until 2009.
The mind boggles at how any sane person could possibly assert that an insane psychotic has the right to judge any kind of fair trial. The burden on the accused grows every day to resemble more and more the burden on the "witches' in Salem to "prove" their innocence. We'll be seeing trial by combat next.

Reality eschews Chicago. May God preserve the right!


Anne Bonney said...

She should go now.

Are there really heart surgeons who have been taken out of the operating room in a catatonic state who are still practicing (as her lawyer asserts)? I sure hope not.

HMS Defiant said...

One of my peers in Seattle was removed from his ship in a fully catatonic state. When the 7th guy in 2 days checked into the Psych Ward at Balboa Naval Hospital off of a sister ship that shared the pier with us in San Diego, Surface Force Pacific Fleet sent a man to inquire of the Commanding Officer why he had so many men abandoning ship for the bughouse.