Monday, April 21, 2014


In a remarkable story about a troubled youth who decided to hitch hike to Hawaii, the rest of the press and the Forces of Order gloss over the fact that the teenager breezed through every security measure and precaution at an international airport and stowed away on a passenger plane. Nobody saw a thing.

The useless and really irritating boobs of the TSA were heard to mutter that, "nobody could possibly patrol a fence line that stretches all the way around an airport and keep out trespassers, hijackers, bombs, hideously dangerous 6 year olds, liquids, gels, dangerous toys, grannies, explosives, or penknives." "Not our job!" they said in a loud and declaratory denial of any responsibility.

Perhaps if we all wrote our congressmen and adopted the universal, blame Bush, we could get both the TSA and Homeland Security consigned to a Korean passenger ferry or an Italian cruise ship.

I am familiar with security and securing infrastructure such as aircraft and it can be done. You have to be serious and grown up about it and it doesn't really involve obnoxious and intrusive mashers. You don't ever see those clowns messing with people boarding Air Force ONE, do you? No. You don't. Air Force ONE has security. The rest of the traveling public have theater.

If you gain access to the wheel well of a plane and can smuggle a body onto the plane, how hard is it to smuggle something else onto the plane? It's a good thing there were no drugs involved because under the mislaws of civil forfeiture, the government could steal the plane and send the pilots and flight crew to jail for 25 years for smuggling drugs.

Oh well, it's just another Benghazi moment. Nothing to see. Move along.

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