Wednesday, April 30, 2014


You may know these people who have the sticker on their cars. They believe. They usually have other stickers on their cars about War and such. They don't believe in war except maybe to free Tibet.

Not a picture that I took, just a generic idiot off the network of Civilization
I sometimes think it is a transcendent pity that both the Great and Minor Evil believe in them. They usually don't see the light until the Darkness takes one of theirs. There is a lot of Dark out there. I suppose that somebody who reads history sees that civilization was always a battle against ignorance and misbelief. If you believe that there is room in civilization for ignorance and misbelief, you conceded the major attribute of the one in order to embrace the other. You can have one but it excludes the other. You should choose wisely.


  1. You HAD to choose a NM car, didn't ya?

  2. When I see a car like that, I usually choose a baseball bat.


  3. "...civilization was always a battle against ignorance and misbelief."

    ----Curtis@H.M.S. Defiant

    "Civilization is a race between education and disaster"

    -----John Dewey

    Given the state of our educational system: "put two dollars on disaster.."