Sunday, April 6, 2014


I'm sure they'll learn to neither confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons. It's the safest course of action. Always leave the bad guys guessing and it's not like you're going to sail the Falklands into Auckland for liberty now are you?

How bad must it be now in Argentina that the orcs running the place want to provoke a popular war with England over the Falkland Islands, again? They stole all the country's money, all of the people's money and all their investor's money and now they are grasping at anything to stay afloat.

The Royal Navy isn't even a pale shadow of what it was when Task Force Corporate launched to reclaim the Falklands. It will be an interesting little war and now we can watch it unfold and go to hell in real time on the internets.

The trouble I'm having, is figuring out how exactly Kerry and Obama are going to totally screw it up and get both sides shooting at us. I know they can do it. I have faith in them.

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