Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have been reading for many years that parenthood is a fading art. Like all lecherous old men I would be happy to introduce youngsters to the grace that is parenthood. I digress. We went out this evening for beer and pizza and none of us had pizza. The only beer quaffed was by the woman whose husband is in Chicago. The rest of us selected caffeine or water. When I was 20 I never saw this coming. :)

All of us are young 20 somethings but it was a family friendly pizza place and the families and youngsters were there in spades, spandex, matching sport bras well dressed appropriately for -5 degree weather.  I liked them all. They were all good kids and fun. It didn't stop me from pointing dramatically to a corner and shouting, 'dragon!' and stealing the even numbered pepperonis.

When the young family behind me had dessert, one of our party said, "that looks good." It did indeed look delicious. They were two little boys out with mom and dad so I gently said, "look! A dragon." Both boys looked for the dragon while their da explained to them, with humor, how that trick worked while slicing off another sly bit of pie.

I think it is interesting that one can tell, in just a glance, if one is dealing with people who will go along with light harmless humor; and turn away instantly from people you know won't do the humor thing at all and take massive umbrage if you dare it.

I never bring umbrage to the table; way to cumbersome. It was a very good evening out with friends.......and dragons.


Buck said...

This is the first time I've heard of the dragon trick and I've committed it to memory for future use on the great-grandbabies who are "of that age."

HMS Defiant said...

Well, it used to be rabbits but nobody looks for rabbits anymore. They like dragons. So do I.