Wednesday, November 19, 2014


As I read this article about deliberate mass murderers I was struck by an odd UnAmerican thought. Oh sure, it's just me that thinks such a thing could never be done here in the United States by agents of the United States who acted lawfully when they seize cars, homes, yachts, etc because there is the tiniest bit of drug residue in some misbehaving youth. No no.
In addition to ordering the demolition of the homes of the terrorists who carried out Tuesday's attack, he also gave orders to move forward with the demolition of the homes of terrorists who carried out recent attacks.
What do you think would happen if, instead of mobilizing the national guard for the violence we all expect when St. Louis's lame ass grand jury announces its decision....right about the time the State Department will pronounce their six year studied opinion on the pipeline from Canada, if the power that masquerades as our government simply announced that they would demolish the homes of the terrorists who plan to loot, fire bomb and frenzy after the grand jury and DA decide to finally show us their cards?

I can kind of see it now. Of course, when the cops did that whole BURN DOWN HIS HOUSE, they probably knew that he was renting the house and the actual home owner had absolutely nothing to do with the crimes and bombs and such.

I can totally grasp the idea of going to the killer's parents and bitch slapping the crap out of them for raising a murdering scumbag. I can even support burning down their home....if they own it and it isn't rented or mostly owned by some bank through a 30 year mortgage.

It  is winter here in MetroParkCentralis and the heat isn't working and it is likely that the tiny little amount of the Milk of Human Kindness that in me remains, has frozen

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