Wednesday, November 5, 2014


In a stunning about face, the American population repudiated Obama and his policies of Statism and Socialism. It looks like enough voters managed to pierce the veil of lies and deceit (finally!) and get with the program. I'm not going to say these new guys will make it any better but at least they won't let it get worse.

I heard an astonishing program on NPR a couple of weeks ago when Diane Rehm interviewed Leon Panetta and it came about that as they neared the end of the program ole Leon expressed his concern that if the Rethuglicans did prevail in the midterms they would totally block the president from achieving those remaining necessary steps that Obama needs to implement in order to impose full and complete totalitarian socialism on the United States. Leon said that he hoped that if the Republicans did win the Senate they would understand that it was still their duty to go along with whatever lunacy dribbled out of the White House or else be seen as obstructionists.

Gee Leon, do ya think? You know how all but the hard core socialists and academics are going to regard Congress utterly ignoring one moron who happens to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC? With a great deal of satisfaction. [Note to Congress: you better take the gloves off right from the outset. People are tired of both machines that ruin this country in Congress]

I wonder how he feels today? I note that nobody supported by Bill or Hillary Clinton prevailed, even if they came out to bark and yap at the people to vote totalitarian; not even in their home state. Ma soeur pointed out this morning that here in MetroParkCentralis the democrat contender for governor won just 2 counties. Not even Cleveland voted for the man and he is from Cleveland. Our usual Washington correspondent observed that this was probably because they know him.

I think it's pretty clear; the democrats have finally lost the support of the slaves on their latifundia. 


Buck said...

Two things: I think Diane Rehm sounds like she's on her last legs, all the time. (I know she has a voice disorder)

Second... "latifundia?" My vocabulary keeps on improving, simply by reading you. ;-)

HMS Defiant said...

I aim to edify!