Thursday, November 20, 2014


I looked this weekend for the House of Sunny. Regrettably, she is embracing and enjoying motherhood.... darn it. No fun. No amusing video. drat. I know that she is really happy. Been there, done that.

Speaking as one who reloads fire ships, at what age do parents get over offspring? In my case it is never but then slammed doors, sudden tirades, screamed imprecations and swarms of locusts are not in my future.

OTOH, I would give anything


Buck said...

Well, now. I had NO ideer Sunny had a blog so I thank you for that. I used to post her videos back before PJ Media picked her up and they eliminated the embed code feature. Sunny is one of my heroines.

HMS Defiant said...

She will be back, in her own time. I thought it would be about now but maybe a few more months.