Saturday, November 29, 2014


The New York Times stands by its decision to publish the address of police officer Wilson and says that the two reporters who included that little fact along with a copy of Wilson's marriage license in their valuable reporting on the riots and destruction in Ferguson, did nothing wrong.

The two reporters are whining about the fact that the internets retaliated by publishing their addresses on media all over the planet. Those poor vicious bastards are now calling the police for protection.

Can you see the policeman at the precinct picking up the phone and hearing that the reporter who outed one of them knowing that the consequences almost certainly mean the place gets firebombed, feels the need for 24/7 protection because somebody outed her address? I'd tell her I would despatch Officer Wilson the moment we can find him.


prairie gopher said...

Officer wilson will be there ASAP! or whenever the bad guys forget who he is! whichever comes last.

Buck said...

FEARLESS journos! God love 'em. (We need a sarcasm font.)

HMS Defiant said...

Hi and welcome!

Life is simpler when actions have immediate and dire consequences and people learn to think before they launch that vitriolic attack they bottled up for all of 30 seconds before posting.

With those of us who are older and steeped in evil, well, it just doesn't matter anymore. It wasn't just those two hater reporters, it was their editors and the mindset of the news staff that let them decide to out every gun permit holder in New York and give their names and addresses in print to everyone in the world. It's the same with these two losers.

The dissonance of evil mandates that they feel an absolute right to do whatever they do and expect full protection from the state while they do it. Oddly enough, that is exactly how the looters, arsonists, rioters and murderers feel when they kill, burn, steal and loot.

HMS Defiant said...

Wait. I thought I was borrowing your sarcasm font.... Are we just using the snark font?
Crap. I'm going back to the dojo and learning a killer sarcasm true type font. :)