Sunday, November 23, 2014


Reading the weird whacky news so you can too!

I found wonderful story about an arms bust and thought the power of stupid runs deep in some people.
Authorities intercepted a massive shipment of tens of thousands of firecrackers, as well as knives, Tasers and other weapons Thursday that police say was en route to rioters in East Jerusalem.
Intelligence information led police and customs officials to the shipping container in Afula, which had been marked as containing Christmas lights, police said.
It strains credulity that they could think that wouldn't flag a shipment heading to a land of very few celebrants of Christmas. They might as well have marked the manifest, "rockets and bombs."


Buck said...

Heh. Yup, the stoopid well is overflowing.

HMS Defiant said...

I still get a kick out of the little terrorist suicide bomber who prematurely detonated because the idiots didn't have any grasp at all of time zones and preset the suicide's bomb at the 'factory' for a detonation in a timezone west.