Friday, November 28, 2014


Way back, I met a man who, as an Air Force LtCol routinely denied country clearance to generals who wanted to drop by the country where he had the honor to be Military Attaché.  There was him, the Army Captain and the Master Sergeant. There wasn't a lot of depth on the dignitary bench. He had a POMCUS site going in and people were interested.

Up at NAVCENT a lot of us admired him. My boss found out, that in a break with tradition, the Air Force decided to promote him. On my next regular visit down Gulf, he sent me with complete 06 insignia figuring Qatar didn't offer them.

He was an outstanding officer and so was the Army Captain. They both worked for CENTCOM.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Buck said...

I hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving, Curt.

What's a POMCUS?

HMS Defiant said...

We had a very good one. We drove to Pittsburg and a little beyond to have Thanksgiving with family and spend the night.
POMCUS was the term used for the Brigade sets of equipment CENTCOM was prepositioning in Qatar and Kuwait.

Hope you had a very fine Thanksgiving too.