Monday, November 17, 2014


It comes from the only flight simulator I ever flew. My brother loaned me his copy of F18 decades ago and about the only thing I recall from that pointless flight combat simulator was this woman's voice constantly shouting "terrain, terrain, terrain" and "Pull Up! Pull Up! Pull Up!" It always brought this cartoon to the forefront of memory.

As I read the press these days I am struck with just how on-the-mark that little prescient cartoon was decades ago. Of course there was nothing prescient about it. If you were as brave as a lion and you scratched a feminist 30 years ago, you would find that they bleed outrage and have no humor chromosomes at all. Feminism is a Movement solidly seated on the Group W Bench.

If you think about it, the very worst enemies of the feminist womyn's movement are feminists. They have managed, I think, to relegate their whiny asses to irrelevance. Nobody wants to listen to the permanent complainer class. They have combined to convince many of us that their screeds and impassioned whines of 'SEXISSIM!!!!' can be disregarded because they echo the other whiny class of people who always scream RACISSSSSSSSSSSTTTTT!

It's too bad. I very much prefer the kind of people that enjoy a sense of humor and fun.

She struck a prose 
Ladies seem to like shoes. I don't know why. We tend to love them even when they wear low heels.

She clumped in to show me her new shoes
I worry about the girl above. She means the world to me and she is living with one of the most humor impaired people I know. On the other hand, she knows that. She will, reliably, inform her mother that she votes Democrat from now until forever. The fun is learned early in life.

I think she nailed having fun


Buck said...

She means the world to me and she is living with one of the most humor impaired people I know.

I'm in that boat with you. I got my ass kicked, figuratively speaking, last year when I asked the ex- to explain exactly how a good conservative Catholic girl and former conservative could go so wrong, so quickly. I know the answer and it has everything to do with her becoming a member of The Academy. But we digress. My youngest son turns 18 next year and I seriously fear for the boy, based upon the upbringing he's received. My only hope is the built-in rebellion that occurs in almost all boys of his age.

HMS Defiant said...

I learned very early this morning that I will get to spend Christmas and a bit with the little rebel. We are both looking forward to it. Her mother has no humor at all and her grandmother is even worse. Killjoy used to be an expression I did not understand. I got a lock on it now. In my case, I believe the end was due to the extremely secretive PEO society that she joined.

HMS Defiant said...

Oh, and yeah, it's not just the boys. Girls go into rebellion right about the time they learn to use a spoon. I'm waiting for when she is a young teenager and my x takes me to court and tries to explain that joint custody means that now I get her full time!!!!!!
I can dream... :)