Monday, November 3, 2014


I see from Michael Totten today that the "moderate islamic terrorists Kerry and Obama wanted to support" just surrendered to al qeada terrorists and thus ends the hope that both Kerry and Obama had of using one 'moderate' muslim terrorist fanatic group to topple another fanatic islamic group, has failed, predictably, in Syria.

I see that Muhammed al John McCain is still preaching an American solution to the muslim fanatic violence by trying to send weapons and money to less fanatic muslim terrorists to fight on our behalf. Another one of those 'moderates' has surrendered today. Oddly Muhammed al John McCain fails to understand, they all surrender because, and you'll find this hard to believe, all muslims are slaves to God and the moderates cannot win against men of violence who 'captured' the route to slavery to God.

The problem with buying into Muhammed al John McCain's myth is that there is no such thing as moderate muslims. If there was some sort of negotiated surrender between murderous factions of islam, it might possibly mean that some of those that just surrendered will not be shot 200 times in the back as they lie face down in ditches in the desert. I suspect that the leadership of the 'surrender' will survive for a few weeks while their subordinates are gunned down in the ruthless fashion we have to know and expect from everyday muslims.

Major Nidal Hassan didn't hesitate to murder all the soldiers and their dependents at a base hospital in America, that he could, and he was an American muslim "moderate."

I don't think we will ever again find a moderate muslim. The ones that don't believe in joining the muslim killers in the middle east, universally support honor killing and sharia imposed on christians everywhere and all others.


Buck said...

Are you on the lookout for the black helicopters? This isn't too very PC, ya understand.

That said: I'm with you.

HMS Defiant said...

No no.

I spent 11 years watching these guys try to operate and maintain hi tech weapons from the 60's and early 70s. They're doomed. We screwed up in this millennium selling them fire and forget tech.

Give them a hi tech helo and I'll show you a smoking hole in the ground. Remember arabs believe that the best defense tech for their fighter aircraft is burying their fighters in the sand.

I might be worried about Iran but I'm not on a CVN within minimal missile range of unbeatable coastal defense missile sites. Oh sure, they can take a lot of missiles but always? Around the clock? These are 'kamikazes'. Our forces did not fair so well against such an enemy especially one that had a coastline just 90 miles away.