Thursday, November 20, 2014


I was a little surprised when I read this story today. How odd that every thinking soul hates Palestinians except for the cretins in the Department of State and the White House. Somebody once said of them that they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. [English is fun. One could read that sentence and legitimately wonder if I was referring to the cretins or the other cretins.] They are professional and amateur champions of hate and abuse. When they come to mind they always seem to bring Winston's words back to me, "If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons." When it comes to loathsome it's hard to choose between Palestinians and Norwegians.
The Egyptian authorities are demolishing hundreds of houses along its impoverished border with the Gaza Strip to create a buffer zone that will slow the flow of weapons and militants between the two territories.
Army officials told residents in the eastern Rafah area to evacuate their homes on Tuesday. They later confirmed that they planned to empty more than 800 houses – home to about 10,000 people.
I like Palestine because it uniquely demonstrates exactly what happens when low information (stupid) people with excessive energy and enthusiasm for violence are allowed to misrule themselves and never grow up.

There was an interesting photo essay today about the Baron Hotel in Aleppo.  It is hard to believe that this is going on at the very heart of where civilization first flourished. Thousands and thousands of years of recorded history surround this tiny area that once belonged to the Phoenicians and Alexander the Great and Rome and this is what they do with it.

They put me in mind of a Prussianism that I think I first read in one of Jerry Pournelle's writings. I went looking for it. It took about .00000001 picoseconds to find it using google.
Field Marshal Erich Von Manstein (1887-1973), arguably the Wehrmacht's best World War II military strategists who was dismissed from service by the Fuhrer in March 1944 due to frequent clashes with him over military strategy, later articulated Field Marshal Moltke’s model in the following quote:
“There are only four types of officer. First, there are the lazy, stupid ones. Leave them alone, they do no harm…Second, there are the hard- working, intelligent ones. They make excellent staff officers, ensuring that every detail is properly considered. Third, there are the hard- working, stupid ones. These people are a menace and must be fired at once. They create irrelevant work for everybody. Finally, there are the intelligent, lazy ones. They are suited for the highest office.”
If I was the kind of person to pigeon-hole people and be all raysist I might assert that Palestinians don't fall into any of these categories. One might think hard-working and stupid, but no.

One does have to wonder why the cretins at State slobber all over them and want to have their babies. Still, there's an egress for every single one of's just through this door over here.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I don't know any Palestinians but I know a couple of Norwegians.
So I guess I will have to reserve judgement until I've at least met a Palestinian.

HMS Defiant said...

Angry beyond the pale. Think Irish without the ale. I'm pretty sure you have met them. They work everywhere. They drive cabs in Seattle, work at the airline help desk in Dallas, deliver newspapers in San Diego,.. You trip over them everywhere. They are some of the smartest and nicest people you will ever meet.

I don't know why they attach to that dreary bit of coast surrounded by people who loathe them so much they won't allow them to enter the country as refugees but jam them into refugee camps on the border.

Our douchebag in chief is going to announce amnesty for 5 million people tonight. I happen to like immigrants but he is wrong to do it this way. Imagine, all the problems of the Middle East would go away if that idiot simply told all the Palestinians that they could be citizens here and live in Milwaukee.

Never going to happen but imagine if it did. :)

HMS Defiant said...

You know, if you look at the date stamps and progression. That Milwaukee Police chief was unknown to me prior to my writing this post.