Thursday, November 13, 2014


The z news today is filled with talk about Dr. Gruber of MIT. It seems he let his mouth run away with him and let the cat out of the bag about how ObamaCare passed. The usual suspects are filled with animus but I am not. They are blaming this man for crafting a super-clever scheme to get ObamaCare passed in some sort of Orwellian deal.

The fact is though, it didn't require any Orwellianisms.  ObamaCare passed in a straight up vote in which every Democrat in Congress voted for it and which every Republican in Congress voted against. It was probably one of the most partisan votes in history. It didn't take a doctor of economics from MIT to make it happen, it took voters who are really stupid.

I read a clip yesterday from elsewhere, possibly maggiesfarm, which showed a video of Harvard students trying to pass a Louisiana Literacy Exam that was maybe used by polls to have people demonstrate their literacy prior to voting. It was an interesting video for one reason only. Only people who could not show that they had passed the 5th grade were required to take it.[it is alleged]. Harvard undegrads could not complete the test but the hateful thing is that I see high school graduates every single day who do not know how to read. They have diplomas. They would not be required to take a literacy test at the polls.

They are gathering in St. Louis for a wrecking they plan to implement when the grand jury fails to indict.

The actual test is here.

What kind of 3rd world country did we become when most of the "news" has to come from the United Kingdom's press?


Buck said...

...I see high school graduates every single day who do not know how to read.

Or spell. Or express a coherent thought in writing. My cross to bear in my final working days was having to translate gibberish from my highly trained technical staff (I'm serious about that, we're talking database admins and UNIX sys admins)) into English for consumption by my company's clients, most often in after action reports. The people I'm speaking about were highly proficient in their fields but functionally illiterate when it came to English.

HMS Defiant said...

In my 3rd tour in the Persian Gulf I found my DCA working on his second iteration to CINCPACLFLT about where our welfare and rec money vanished. He was a college graduate and commissioned navy officer. His first paper had been sent back from CINCPAC with a request to comply. When I looked at his first attempt it looked like it was written by a 5 year old. Basic math calculations were gooned. I asked him where he went to school. MIT