Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Partisan is an old word. I think it came from the old world which means one place. I can't find it within me to argue that this democratic appointee needs to be silenced, because we few, we sane, we tolerate those who we find despicable and disagreeable. I do have to say though, that I am disgusted that every single democrat appointee to any commission or judicial post, does anything it takes to contravene the Constitution. They are reliable fascists.

Democrats just leap on any excuse to announce that they have a right to limit your rights to speech, religion, guns, equal protection under the law.... They claim they own everything you own and all that you own is subject to their control.

Name it. The democrats will always be out there urging some form of hate for your rights. Do you wonder, like I do, that Democratic politicians want to import millions of people who will continue to keep labor costs far below any possible minimum wage? Who exactly are the enemy of the citizens in this country? You would think even the dimmest voter would pick up on that.

I'll have to reread my copy of The Federalist Papers. Far East and I don't agree on much of anything but I think even he is getting sick of these guys and their, "take their rights to the trash" attitude. He always cites the Anti-Federalists to me but he went to VMI where they believe that a departure from specs is an invitation to revolt.

It's funny how that's not the way he votes.


Buck said...

I'm wondering if Skippy will comment on this post.

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HMS Defiant said...

The funny thing is I typed it just that way because there is always a chance. Back when I started this blog, just a test because I was curious how they worked, I got one follower and one follower only; Skippy. I know he didn't really matriculate VMI, nope, he's an Annapolis graduate. He uses big words and everything on his blog. :)