Thursday, November 13, 2014


Things were orthogonal, longitudinal and heterodox.  Had to use those words up by the end of the year. We just got 6 inches of snow. Those vortex casters were right on the money. A full week ago they promised us a vortex and we got it. It is kind of nice to know that not all weathermen are pathetic warmists who promise nothing but global warming and rising sea levels. I was tending to doubt them for the last couple of days when we had temperatures in the 60s and shorts were the uniform of the day.

Last year, the first snow came in late September and it was hard on the trees which still had their leaves.

Around here, what we do when the snow flies is head to Pittsburgh, home of the United Planets Medical Center and EIA headquarters. It's something to do while hitting IKEA and the Strip.

With luck, we'd be behind another school bus. That would deal alright with the snow and ice.

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