Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Any NPR story is like a walk over the railroad bridge with an unexpected train chasing you to the far side. I so admire how that darned fetus changes into a baby and back into a fetus in the blink of an eye.
"Right after the fetus came out, that woman started bleeding from all over," Bahr says. "We did everything we could, just to save her life. But even with a blood transfusion, she ended up dying."
The baby died, too. And it was only then that Bahr and her team learned the truth about the woman's medical history: Two of her relatives had died of Ebola.
We pay them money for their reasoned and balanced reporting of the news.

I think I would rather just give the money to crack addicts.


Buck said...

I've been listening to NPR every day during Happy Hour over the past couple o' months or so, ever since I found out the station(s) were available on iTunes Radio. On the one hand it's good to know what the opposition is thinking, OTOH it's having an adverse effect on my normally low blood pressure. I particularly like (?) the call-in shows, where the audience reveals their distinct left leanings. It's either that or the calls are screened, or both.

And so it goes...

HMS Defiant said...

I cannot listen to the radio at home. I don't know why. I do it in the morning when I make the bed but turn it off when I head downstairs and never even think of turning on the stereo. On the weekends we listen to Wait Wait but turn it off promptly when the vinyl c\ that opined, about 10 years ago, "why does the US Embassy in Grovener Square have all these gun toting dudes surrounding it."
In the car, I always turn on one of the 17 NPR channels we have here in MetroPark but there's no hesitation to turn it off when I get where I'm going. We never turn the radio on in the car, even on longish drives to places like Maine, Key West, or DC. [you worked out that when I drive alone, I listen, when we drive, I don't. Typical male behavior. :)]

We are taking a train to San Diego in Feb. We are currently planning on driving home from there. Does you want to smoke a cigar and have a tiny crack of whip if we should find ourselves near Portales? I can bring some good scotch.

Would we need to bring our passports? :)

Buck said...

Does you want to smoke a cigar and have a tiny crack of whip if we should find ourselves near Portales? I can bring some good scotch.

Oh, ABSO-FREAKIN'-LUTELY! I can't make any promises about the WX in February, i.e., verandah time, but that's just a nit. I always have a good supply of single malt laid in, you don't have to bring anything other than yerfineself. And there's cheap lodging out at Cannon Airplane Patch.

HMS Defiant said...

We'll see you then.