Thursday, November 13, 2014


Music, like scent, is a path to the past. I knew that and yet still wandered into a place where the leaves are still on the trees, the trains run quietly except for the distant hooting on a starrry night and where time almost stopped. I had not expected to lose 8 hours there. I can't complain.


  1. So what were you listening to? Enquiring Minds© wanna know.

  2. I find that blogger won't let me post anything in comments except written words. They were a mix of old songs, some by hated artists but who could nevertheless sing, new artists and by people who appear to have a deeper understanding of the underlying structure in spite of their apparent youth. Baez to Womack with Gray playing in full time in the background and when he paused for breath, the 12 girls band.

    We joked about going to the concert on the mall the other day but I decided I'd rather shoot myself. I am anti-war but how did we get so many losers to come sing anti-veteran songs at the Mall on Veteran's Day?

    1. In re: your question. There was a minor firestorm on Twitter concerning Fogerty's choice of songs for that concert. I'm with you on the "shoot myself" option, I don't care for that sort of thing. And I hate, HATE, HATE Springsteen. "Boss," my ass.

    2. Ah, you know the songs of old when you were young, single and shooting pool and you and the very attractive bartender would go out evening after evening after she closed down the little bar on 32nd Street, were some of the best memories of my youth. I'm afraid the music brings it all back. Dancing in the Dark brings wall to wall memory of a time that is lost. He is relegated to the Hall of Darkness next to Neil Young. Me and my VW bus once broke down in east LA.