Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Sometimes it is fun to fly over the divide and look at it from 90,000 feet. Here is an article on point.
Even as they vow to fight Republicans at every turn on issues that fundamentally divide liberals and conservatives, left-leaning Democrats insist that they will not do so seeking retaliation against a Republican minority that stymied their economic, environmental and social priorities for so long with filibusters and delay. Those days, they insist, are gone — leaving liberals to somehow find a balance between fighting for their convictions and not drawing the same charges of obstruction that have dominated Democratic messaging for years.
“The best news about a Republican majority in the Senate is that the Republican minority is now gone,” Whitehouse said. “They were just a god-awful minority.”
Conveniently overlooked of course is that Senator Reid NUKED the rules that gave the minority any standing in our democracy and used it to ram through legislation that he could not get even with a loathsome filibuster proof majority.

Sadly, it makes one wonder if we should arm our reps to Congress with swords. I can see it now.


Buck said...

I'm surprised there aren't more fist-fights on the floor, like back in the good ol' days. Some of those asshats deserve a good old-fashioned caning.

HMS Defiant said...

I understand that when Parliament and Windsor were rebuilt after the Great Fire, the key metric was to keep both sides at double sword length.

Me, I'm in favor of keeping all those guys in dagger/scalpel length and let the bodies lie where they fall.