Monday, November 24, 2014


I think it is interesting to watch Europe change and see how few people are prepared to address that change at any level in the organized media. It started happening about 10 years ago when the blogs started to report on the news that the media refused to report on and then refused to comment on. The problem for the organized media was that they soon took on all the aspects of the Ministry of Truth and fewer and fewer people paid any attention to them. They turned to the real source of information.

That is hard for the organized media to accept. They don't accept that they have so devoted themselves to a single partisan viewpoint that nobody believes them anymore. They think they lost market share and viewers and readers and advertisers because an increasing number of 'little people' stopped reading their pathetic recaps of AP News stories about nothing; all of which were devoid of facts about the sine qua non essentials of true journalism; the who, what, where, when, why aspects of a story and seemed, almost invariably, to blame it on Bush, the TEA Party (they refer to those losers as Tea baggers because they think that's how real journalism works) and the stunning improvements in universal public education standards brought to us all by the Teacher's various unions.

The alarmists at the organized media are the helmsmen of what little remains of a once vibrant media. Each of them thinks of itself as a true inheritor of the mantle of whossname and whosname who lured out a Deep Throat to drop some sort of dime on the plumbers and the Rethuglicans. They would cheerfully go the stake, like Cranmer, wishing all of their peers to "keep the faith."

They don't believe in God or the Devil and they make it clear that morality is something lost to the modern age. They support every kind of deviancy except heterosexual sex between consenting adults which has now earned a label, a pejorative label, that is used by them to describe such lowlifes.

All of them have failed to notice that the declining birth rates of the West mean that the West is going to vanish in the space of 2 or 3 generations. That's OK with them. They all think that we are bad people and that the world is merely accommodating the new rulers in a peaceful and normative way. Not one of them would fight or die to maintain the West.

I guess I can live with that. JRR Tolkien wrote about such people in his epic tale of the Fall of the West. Numenor vanished under a tide of nihilism and excess. So did Athens, Rome and Byzantium. Yet the ideas that make men free always came back. We have had dark ages in the past and we will in the future but the will to be free is damned near unquenchable.

It's hard to watch it fall.


Buck said...

It's hard to watch it fall.

Indeed. That said, I think America is alive and well in Flyover Country; at least that's my day to day experience. The issues are not all with the media; I think a large part of the problem lies within the cities and their underclass. Oh, and liberal academia. Can't forget them.

HMS Defiant said...

One of our problems is the old industrial core cities, even in the midwest. So much of what America is and was, has failed for the residents in these wastelands of despair.
Take a look at Cordell Hull's biography at wikipedia. Look at the place where the longest serving Secretary of State was born. I may have to read more widely to see who his counterparts are who came out of places like Kabrini Green.