Saturday, November 14, 2015


It was a very nice place, Europe, once. Why it seems to cycle from absolute bottom dead center of humanity to uplifted humanity and back again is beyond me. I'm looking forward to hearing that the news media and our President, State Department and TV pundits were all blindsided by the violence or the overnight rise of nationalist parties throughout Europe.

Hindsight is going to show who generated the massive waves of muslim migration and violence by systematically destroying all the reeds supporting peace in the Middle East; starting with Israel, then Mubarek in Egypt, our 'friend' Qadafi in Libya, the ruler of Yemen, and the red line that invited the dissolution of Syria when the "junior varsity" moved in and started destroying the Assad regime with nothing but approval from the U.S State Department and President Obama. We haven't even touched on Obama selling the atomic bomb to Persia.

Nobody on earth does violence the way that Europeans do. I think the world has forgotten that.

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virgil xenophon said...

She: Rapturous

Obama: EVERYTHING I feared in 2008. And tried in vain to warn against..