Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Every time I read things like this, "the big terrorist organizations were not excessively dependent on individual leaders and so could not be wiped out by decapitation strikes," I laugh aloud and wonder how many times the phone has rung at CENTCOM J2 and غبي الأحمق reports that the Dear Leader is going to be at his sister's house for a wedding reception on Thursday from 1400 to 1730 in case anybody wants to send a few Hellfire missiles over as a wedding present. غبي الأحمق never liked his sister anyway and he's number 3 in the organization and wants to be number 1.

UPDATE: The Terror High Command released a Policy Statement earlier today forbidding all future face to face strategy or planning meetings. All future meetings and cooperation will be conducted using Skype, Facetime or Hangouts. Authors reportedly, 'sick and tired of all the jumped up little narcisissi/crybully wanna-be future terrorist leaders who keep bringing bombs to the party.'

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