Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Left and Lefter...................from Rico 
Normal folk don't need to be told what the career politicians not only haven't figured out yet, but haven't a glimmer of a clue:
- Failed leftist policies that haven't worked for 100 years, that don't work today, and won't work tomorrow.....are rejected by voters. 
So the Democrats (C) continue to move even farther to the Left, despite the GOOD news that since Dear Reader Barry took orifice in 2009, Democrats (C) have LOST:
- 13 US Senate seats
- 69 US House seats
- 12 State Governorships
- 36 State Chambers
- 900 State Legislator seats 
Doubling-down on clueless, they are now trying to decide between Comrade Hillary and Comrade Bernie.
- It's like arguing which is better, the Mensheviks or the Bolsheviks? 
The BAD news is that the Republicans of the GOPe* are not one bit better, or that much different, from their Democrat (C) counterparts. They're just not as far Left. Yet.
- They have broken every election promise made and shanked every supporting 
Republican voter.
They are ALL useless twats, both D (C) and R (D).
- It's like arguing which is better, the Bloods or the Crips? 
*GOPe stands for the current "GOP establishment."

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