Monday, November 2, 2015


In the other news today we learn that Saudi Arabia is on course to run out of money in 5 years if the current price for oil holds and they continue to spend like a bunch of American politicians. I suppose there are a few people that rejoice at the news but we have to take the longer view and ask ourselves what insanely stupid idiotic thing the witless fools at State Department will demand the United States do if it looks like Saudi Arabia is going to lie prostrate at the feet of their good islamic buddies, shiite Iran? You know what the people who make Hillary look good will demand then, don't you?

If Saudi Arabia collapses or even moans dramatically and wipes its brow with a damp cloth, the State Department will demand that we subsidize, arm, train and equip Saudi Arabia and the Emirates at any cost to us so that they can be our 'bulwark' against the rising tide of the OTHER extremist nuclear armed islamic power on the other side of the Persian Gulf.

It will be a pathetic repeat of the Cold War imbecility that led us to fight pointless wars in worthless and meaningless hellholes to nominally keep them from going communist. Imagine the power a communist Cuba could wield in the Caribbean! Now we'll be prodded with sticks wielded by Harvard and Yale educated morons demanding that we keep atop the volatile mix of nuclear-armed islamic states in the middle east rather than allow them to simply incinerate each other.

Some people are still worrying about the impact of a nuclear-armed middle east and boatloads of islamic terrorists armed with atomic and thermo-nuclear weapons. I'm not. I can see pretty clearly what is going to happen and you can to. We saw it when they decided to launch a vicious and murderous attack on our airliners in order to crash them into our tallest buildings in a plan to kill as many innocent Americans as possible. The vicious islamic terrorists tend to strike at symbols first so one should keep that in mind when considering a move to the Big Apple or the District of Columbia.

Fat Man Bomb ~ 21 kilotons

Fat Man Bomb ~ 21 kilotons
You can go to the links and nuke any city with megatons of nuclear destruction. We'll see if the turds thugs in Iran exercise any judgement or if they allow themselves to put business before pleasure and nuke Riyadh before the Great or Little Satans. It's likely to be a tossup because if there is anybody more insufferable than a Saudi, it is an Iranian mullah.*

You just know that when it happens, our State Department is going to blame Israel and insist that if Israel had only traded land for peace, the great killing would never have happened. Fortunately, we'll be spared hearing it from the echelon that floats atop the sewer that is Foggy Bottom.**

*U.S. policy is not carried out with any evil will or intent, it is just so damned incompetent that it always looks that way. Even after WWII, the Marshall Plan, NATO, etc, western Europeans loath Americans. We on the other hand can simply allow typical European diplomacy to work unchecked and they will soon find themselves locked in a war of mutual extermination. Americans are divided on the best course of action in such an event. Decisions, decisions. And all we have to guide us now is the thoroughly corrupt and incompetent ruling class that aren't sure which end of the computer should be pointed at the enemy. Oh well, in five years Europe will be predominately muslim so we can't go wrong whatever we do.....or don't do.

**Foggy Bottom is well within the blast and thermal zone for even a small nuke in DC.

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