Monday, November 9, 2015


We got an announcement today from a pizza place we ate at on our drive back home from San Diego. It was the first I received from them in almost a year. They're not exactly beating the drum. It was though, excellent wood fired pizza and the atmosphere was friendly and inviting so we recommend it.

The place is also across the street from a Walmart that seemed to contain all the guns and ammo in Christendom. That may be no big draw for some, but living here in MetroParkCentralis and coming from San Diego, guns were scarce and ammo was even more conspicuously not available at either end. If I hadn't loaded up with ammo at the Post Exchange at Fort Riley that morning, I'd have squeezed in some more .45 ammo.


virgil xenophon said...

LOL. Vandalia is not far from my hometown of Charleston. 'Course they have a now doubleplusungood school nickname of "Vandals." Am surprised there isn't an active movement to get them to change to a less "violent" name. Should change the name of the town for good measure, right? Can't be lionizing the violent hordes.. :)

HMS Defiant said...

Ah, my bad. I thought you wrote the violet hordes. I saw one of those tonight at the restaurant here in PA. If I was the Vandals and was pressed to change the name I'd ask the pissants if they prefer Goths, Visigoths or Huns. I have a friend, a captain when I worked with him that liked to go hang out with the Goths at the Flame in Hillcrest of all places. Guys entered The Flame at their own peril except on Goth night when it was OK.