Sunday, November 22, 2015


If asked what I think, I would say that writing this song encompassed his own destruction. Forgive me for using a rag like the New York Times as a source material. You'll note, if you read the obit scribbled by Bruce Weber, that he couldn't be bothered with boring details like date of birth, death, etc. Typical of the Times. You'll note he blathers on and on guessing where he was born. Again, typical for the paper of record.

It is interesting how often this song has been played since the events of 9/11. More so after the attack in Benghazi. It was a protest against an earlier war but the opening sequence call to mind our President's approach to the current wars in which we are engaged.


Anne Bonney said...

Good to see that your blog is taking a more upbeat tone.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm going to try harder!