Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Color me impressed. As I read about McCain's response to United Launch Alliance's refusal to bid on putting defense satellites into orbit because they can't get an exemption from the requirement to use 'made in America' rocket engines, I suspect the opportunity Bezos saw in putting together his launch team years ago is about to pay off.

It's funny the article made no mention at all about the imbecility of putting U.S. Military Space Operations at risk every time we launch a satellite into space using a a defective Russian rocket engine. You'd think there'd be some thought put into actually surrendering all of our access to space and giving sole custody of orbit to Russia. Well, you would unless you were a complete imbecile.
Even if the Russian government does not cut off the supply to ULA of imported RD-180 engines, the US Congress, with emerging support from the Air Force, has come around to a view that it would not be advantageous to the US government to start up a US production line to produce the RD-180.

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