Sunday, November 15, 2015


After reading about the terror attacks yesterday I was amazed to wake this morning and read in USA Today that the administrator of the Transportation Security Theater Troop was assuring America that not only were his goons on top of the threat posed by terrorists, they were rounding up christian extremists  knew all about the airline terrorists workers laboring away in the bowels of our airport secure areas theft and diversion with terrorist ties and that nobody in all of the TSA gives a damn.
The Transportation Security Administration, which repeatedly screens 2 million airport workers, didn't identify 73 workers potentially associated with terrorism, according to a watchdog report Monday.
"TSA acknowledged that these individuals were cleared for access to secure airport areas despite representing a potential transportation security threat," the 34-page report said.
In its formal reply to the report, TSA said it plans to check workers against the broader database by the end of the year. TSA also disputed missing potential threats in its vetting because the government doesn't provide the agency with all of its watch-list information.
Sooooo, if I understand HLS and TSA, anybody can go on the NO FLY LIST forever for no explicable reason at all, yet the TSA doesn't screen out workers with known ties to terrorists and terrorist connections and keep them out of "secure areas" in our airports.

I don't have a warm fuzzy about that. It reeks of stupidity and incompetence.