Saturday, November 8, 2014


One could argue that he had friends helping him ruin things but with friends like that we really don't need enemies. Apparently, national security and Defense personnel have almost no faith in Obama or
the national command authorities appointed by him.
The “Defense One National Security Survey” released Friday found few individuals inside the national security government think highly of the Obama administration’s national security strategy. The survey found that only 4 percent of respondents “strongly agree” and 16 percent “agree” that the White House has “a clear national security strategy.” Conversely, 73 percent of respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed with that statement.
 On the other hand, many of those asked were talking about their rice bowls and Obama and his pals have all been chipping away at them for the last 6 years. It would be another thing if his domestic policies hadn't just been overwhelmingly repudiated by the electorate.

The image is weirdly appropriate since the military has spent the last 12 years trying to build up the Chinese as a major threat that needs increased funding for the Navy and Air Force. They saw all the dramatic cutbacks and budget cuts as we reaped the 'benefits' of the Peace Dividend and cast about desperately in search of some other 'enemy.'

Sadly, Obama's and the Democrats policies have brought about both a rebirth of an aggressive Soviet Union and encouraged the Chinese. My Foreign Defense Policy remains the same. Those folks better arm themselves. There is no NATO worth mentioning and the USA is out of the business of fighting other people's battles for at least another generation.


Buck said...

...and the USA is out of the business of fighting other people's battles for at least another generation.

One can only HOPE this is true. Me? I think not.

HMS Defiant said...

I don't see it happening again soon. It's painfully obvious to everybody now that we can wipe the floor with any military power in the world and still lose, so what's the point? That used to be the argument I made about China. Even if you defeated her navy and air force how are you ever going to set a condition that lets you even pretend that we 'won'? Ukraine? Syria? Iraq? Libya? South Sudan?
We'll still do raids and knock and tips but the platoon and company commanders of the last years in Iraq will be the generals in our next major war. imho.