Monday, March 17, 2014


I suppose that just as there must have been millions who sided with Eliot Ness, so too must there be people who side with this vindictive and vicious lawyer. Assuming that this woman who was stripped naked by the law in New York had done all the things the prosecutor charged her with, how much is it worth to society to continue to attempt to prosecute her for doing it?

The link leads to the story at the Times of India and the comments are what make it worth noting. Side with or against her, nobody can see what net positive value accrues to the United States by continuing this charade. The fact that this prosecutor wants to make this woman suffer more at the hands of US justice than any terrorist who ever attacked our diplomats overseas, is telling the world more about us than Operation Enduring Freedom did.

It is fine to bleat about upholding the law but we have bigger fish to fry than a woman who might have underpaid her maid in the eyes of a ridiculous law that is right up there with the 18th Amendment. If you feel the need to prosecute somebody, there's always one of our own government officials...  It clearly demonstrates that the law has nothing else to do in New York except relentlessly go after a woman who lied, and frankly, that's just unAmerican.

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