Thursday, March 6, 2014


This article by Commentary Magazine captures the essence of Barack Obama and what a truly execrable man and president he is and always has been. If for nothing else, it has some good links to some points that should resound every time Obama or his crew open their mouths about anything, but most especially when they bleat about foreign policy and international relations.
And that’s the point, isn’t it? Our relations with nation after nation – from Afghanistan and Iraq to Russia and China, from Turkey, Jordan and Pakistan to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to India and Australia, from Honduras to Brazil, from Poland and the Czech Republic to Germany, Great Britain, Canada and more – are worse now than they were when Mr. Obama was sworn in as president in 2009. I’m not asking people to measure Mr. Obama against a standard of perfection; I’m asking them to measure him against his own promises, his own speeches, his own words.
Peter Wehner is not wrong in all respects when he goes on in the next paragraph to describe Obama's inept stupidity.
 Having been president for more than five years, we can now render some reasonable and informed judgments about Mr. Obama, including this one: he is an amateur on par with Jimmy Carter. And to see the crude and brutish Putin run circles around Obama—on negotiations over nuclear weapons, on granting asylum to Edward Snowden, on convincing Obama to undercut our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic, on establishing ties with Egypt, on strengthening the murderous Syrian regime, and now invading Crimea and threatening the rest of Ukraine—is painful for any American to witness. As House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers put it, “Putin is playing chess and I think we are playing marbles, and I don’t think it’s even close.”
How is that fair to either man? Obama and his fellow travelers all love to believe that Obama is the smartest man in the world, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. How could this towering intellect be so bamboozled by a "crude and brutish Putin?" No, the answer is much plainer than that. Putin doesn't even have to be a towering genius himself to demonstrate the ease with which he masters a tortuously stupid and arrogant Obama. Putin merely has to be smart and comfortable with the idea of working for a living and living his life as President and leader of his country to make the future brighter and more glorious for his country and his countrymen.

Putin is working hard to build a better tomorrow for Russians while Obama piddles at making a darker and more ignorant tomorrow for all Americans.

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