Monday, March 3, 2014


On desperate wings and strong,
Two bells within my breast,
I breathed again, I breathed again—
West of the Universe—
West of the skies of the West.

Into the black toward home,
And never a star in sight,
By Faith that is blind I took my way
With my two bosomed blossoms gay
Till a speck in the East was the Milky way:
Till starlit was the night.

We reached the daytime happily—
We reached the earth with glee.
In an hour, in an hour it was done!
The wings in their morning flight
Were a thousand times ten thousand times
More swift than beams of light.
--and so home again. 


Buck said...

Is that lighthouse in yer neighborhood? It's a NICE one!

It's good to get home, even if home is freezing.

HMS Defiant said...

Not yet is it our light. As the earth warms and the oceans rise, perhaps one day it will float its way here to Metroparkcentralis. It is the light at Baltimore Inner Harbor right across from our room on the 23rd floor of the Marriot. I caught it by that light in the morning when it was calm. Nearby were the USCG Taney, USS TORSK, lightship Chesapeake and a shiny new YP, almost certainly just up from the Naval Academy.