Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Think about Poverty in just simple numbers. The first number is one that was addressed by George Carlin.

In the simplest terms, half the people are stupider than the other half. Half of those are even stupider. What kind of work can people that are truly stupid find and perform that would have any chance of lifting them out of poverty? I refuse to even try to draw any comparisons. Simply imagine how much money you would be willing to pay someone that must be watched/supervised continuously while they are on the job and whether or not it makes more sense to simply higher someone smarter to do the same job without that level of supervision?

Say what you will about the military but they defend the country by demanding that applicants have a clean record and a high school diploma. Think of the millions of Americans that don't have either and never will. What kind of effective anti-poverty program is there for them?  How can a nation with universal mandatory education fail to teach all of its children to read and write? [hint. It's not the teachers fault.]

The only successful anti-poverty program that appears to exist is to have the government steal some people's money in order to give it away to other people.  How long can a nation that has made an industry out of subsidizing poverty survive?

I'd like to end with a little note about Quayle. I don't know the merits of the arguments for or against the man, but I prefer him to the man who followed him who was also rejected by the nation and decided to retaliate by making every stupid person afraid of the earth. For the money that was in it.

Must be global warming


Buck said...

I miss Carlin, a lot. That said, I agree with you about his cheap shot at Quayle.

Nice gif!

HMS Defiant said...

If you enjoy the humor of wonderful shots, you should check out Alpha House at Amazon. It's a series made for TV by Amazon about 4 Republican Senators sharing a house in DC. John Gooden and the others are absolutely wonderful as Republicans. WE just finished watching Season 1 on our chrome cast TV using our Amazon Prime viewing rig.

It had to be about Republicans because democrats in similar circumstances are impossible to even imagine and a collection of 4 in one house would be a super-concentration of vileness so evil that it would cause the very earth beneath to give way in disgust.