Tuesday, March 18, 2014


It's bad enough when the vicious depraved city preys on you but to add insult to injury, the place is also infested with criminals who steal even the nailed down stuff. Seriously, making the place even more unattractive and predatory than it has to be in the name of revenue is a really bad idea when you are faking a sincere attempt to lure businessmen and shoppers into your blighted urban Democratic Party created, operated and not maintained, workers paradise.
Detroit — For the first time in more than a decade, the city may increase its parking fines and come down harder on repeat offenders who don’t pay up.
The recommendations, which would bump the current parking fines of $20, $30 and $100 per ticket to a two-tiered structure of $45 and $150, are among the revenue-generating strategies recommended by Detroit’s restructuring consultants.
If you billed it they will come is overrated as a practical approach to building loyalty among your consumers, especially when they can stay out in the suburbs and spend their money in places that actually cottoned on to the idea of FREE PARKING as a means of attracting customers.

Shouting at people to COME and SAVE Detroit while at the same time crapping all over them is a really bad idea. It would be interesting to see what it would take to turn the real estate on the lake around and actually make it a mecca for business. I don't believe we will like it at all if it ever comes to pass. It's like the line from the old children's story. "I could do it but you really really wouldn't like it."

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