Friday, March 21, 2014


At the turn of the last century I used to commute back and forth from San Diego to Silicon Valley. I would usually find myself driving out of San Jose bound for San Diego via Gilroy and Blood Alley. It was long days, late nights and a 10 hour drive ahead of me. I would tune the car radio to my all time favorite station to get charged up for the drive. Radio Havana was always good at getting my blood flowing and keeping me alert and energized as I drove up into the hills heading for Pacheco Pass.

Back in the day there was no median divide. It was strictly head-on collisions
I will miss the lunatics at radio Pacifica if they do finally shutter their offices and head back to Havana or board their cow-fart powered space ships and leave. The article is fun to read if you ever listened to Pacifica but they get one thing wrong. One of the workers claimed that people would miss the slice of radio to the left of NPR. That's wrong. At this point NPR pretty much blankets the far left spectrum and can be counted reliably in the friend of Fidel and friends with Hugo category. They are even friends of the People's Car Company and had dozens of guests on this week explaining how the People's Car Company had no idea that faulty ignition locks could kill people quite dead if they switched themselves off while driving.

Once the signal out of Santa Cruz faded away as I reached the pass and headed down to the desert floor it was time to tune in the incomparable Art Bell and his wonderfully disturbed radio show for those abroad in the lateness of the night. Aliens, remote viewing, secret CIA programs, Joe vs the deer.

Radio used to be so damned entertaining.


Buck said...

Well, that was a long but good read. I laughed when I read this:

KPFA was the most insular and provincial station, highly resistant to change or centralization. "The Berkeley station is like an ethnic radio station," Cooper says. "It speaks Berkeley to everybody with a ponytail and long hair."

You know I spent a year in Berserkeley and that is just too, too true! The only problem is that not everyone with a pony tail and long hair is a Leftie. You should have seen some of the shocked looks I got during Sunday morning coffee shop conversations during My Year Abroad. It was pretty entertaining... almost as entertaining as KPFA.

HMS Defiant said...

I bought my VW bus from a pony tail mechanic in Berkeley. He completely rebuilt it and it worked great. It went back and forth from there to San Diego a couple of dozen times without a single problem. It was covered in Grateful Dead stickers. I thought it would be a good idea if I took it to the Base Police at NAS Alameda for a couple of good drug detector dog sniffs. They didn't find anything but I'm not convinced they could tell illegal drugs from rabbits.
I hung at the Expresso Roma on Hopkins and Monterey since it had normal people. I lived across the street from the Peets Roastery but they had miserable shops and no patio for coffee quaffing.