Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I see that yet another lucrative market of e-commerce is being created. This time it is happening in Australia where a lawman wants to make it a crime to fail to turn over encryption keys.  They are playing it up as some sort of pre-tyranny to accustom you to the idea that there is really no such thing as a right to privacy. Well I say, let them! Bring it On!

I think we're all becoming accustomed to the government requiring us to get government forms and paperwork and requiring that we pay for the privilege. I don't see any reason that citizens should not bill the government in like manner for access to what the government wants from the serfs. We could bill the government $2,000,000 per page, after taxes have been taken out, for all the documents they want. It would also take some small amount of time to get the information they insist I sell them so I have no problems with billing them $1100 dollars per hour to that noble end. It might take me about as long to get back to them as it has taken the regulators to furnish us with an answer on the Keystone Pipeline. As you can see, the project was proposed in 2008 and 6 years later we are still waiting for government to furnish an answer.

If everybody travels with an encrypted 32GB USB drive and helped the government as promptly to the information therein as the government has dealt with Keystone, we could all be billionaires! And best of all, it wouldn't really cost anything because it's the President's stash!  Another win win!

Mr. Krugman, may I have my Nobel Prize now?


Buck said...

Your economics and Krugman's have a lot in common, yanno?

HMS Defiant said...

The math is unassailable! Figures don't lie! We can all be millionaires!