Monday, November 23, 2015


He is a blustery fellow though, isn't he? He loves to talk down to us from the highest peak he can find and in this case he assures us that he has nothing to fear from any terrorist because, after all, he will never again in his life fly on a commercial airplane, stand in line at the boarding gate of any airport or draw breath without being surrounded by the SS who stand ready to jump in front of bullets for him. I suppose I'd be a little disappointed if a man so obtuse did know fear but I happen to believe he really is so blindly stupid that he believes that he and we are perfectly safe since, as he says, islam is a peaceful religion and all we have to do is try to look bigger and wave our hands vigorously in order to prevent terrorist attacks.
His Royal Highness, King Barak Speaks from the Throne and vigorously waves his hands
Did you catch that last bit of the headline? He just declared that his purpose and intent is genocide.


Captain Steve said...

He also lectured the Malaysians on...transparency in Government. I am not making this up.

HMS Defiant said...

He gave them a master's class in avoiding transparency in government? :)