Monday, February 3, 2014


I freely admit that I see shadows moving in the dark every time I see one of these stories. 
After months of protest from doctors and patients, a professional group that certifies obstetrician-gynecologists has lifted a ban it imposed in September and now says its members are free to treat men.
The decision, announced Thursday by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was a reversal of its September directive, and followed partial concessions the group had made in November and December in an effort to mollify critics.
Board members refused to be interviewed, but issued a statement in which the executive director, Dr. Larry C. Gilstrap, said: “This change recognizes that in a few rare instances board certified diplomates were being called upon to treat men for certain conditions and to participate in research. This issue became a distraction from our mission to ensure that women receive high-quality and safe health care from certified obstetricians and gynecologists.”
 What kind of total morons order members to refuse all treatment based solely on gender? What malice drove them to such an irredeemably stupid position? What foul orc went before this group of doctors and even suggested that such a stupid thing was a good idea to put in writing and then threaten its own members with?

Read the entire very short article because it describes the most bitterly contested retreat from evil stupidity seen in some time. The idiots in charge fought every step of the way to refuse to treat men as human beings. When I wonder where the government came up with physicians that could experiment on human beings for 40 years in something as evil as the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, well, now I know.

I guess the scales should fall from my eyes sooner as I read about things like this. Why would anybody take such an over-the-top indefensible position on a medical issue or any other issue? Because somebody out there orchestrated it and made it happen in order to make a particular point. It makes me wonder if there was some very crafty judas goat leading the board members of the American Studies Association when they decided to boycott Israel for the academic integrity in it. Their particular act of imbecilic stupidity went a long way towards gutting one whole pack of racist and particularly vicious and stupid velociraptors. All orchestrated in the dark because that's the way progressives like it.

I  have to admit to enjoying watching a pair of deeply cunning men play this trick again and again on people I view as enemies of the race.* I feel more virtuous and clever though when I see the maneuvers for what they are a week or two before the trap springs shut on the bad guys.

*the race of reason of course.

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