Sunday, February 16, 2014


From Director Blue:


Buck said...

I saw this yesterday... and it's so true. I expect the Dems to soft-pedal all this stuff, but NOT the media, assuming the media are doing their job.

HMS Defiant said...

I've been pushing up the ole trench periscope and looking over-the-top into the other guys trenches and I must say the buzz from there is pretty disturbing. The people who think of themselves as liberal and socialist have zero tolerance for dissent and I cannot believe how low the information level and content is where they seethe and stew over all the horrible things the TEA party does. You and I know the TEA party doesn't do anything because it doesn't exist anymore than Hillary's vast right wing conspiracy. Democrats control the bureaucracy, the executive branch, the presidency, the Senate and some sort of thing that calls itself republican waffles in the House doing nothing at all. I hardly see where the TEA guys even show up on the radar.

I can't believe that after more than 15 years nobody has the guys college transcripts yet. Oh well, the NSA is bound to have them on file and Snowden probably liberated them too so we can expect to see it in ITAR TASS or PRAVDA any day now.