Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It is almost impossible to find something impossible to believe about an American politician these days. That said, I do like this campaign blit for His Imperial Senatorship Pat Roberts. I'm sure he'll win re-election but how is he representing the voters of Kansas by living in Virginia?
Overland Park – Pat Roberts has been wildly unsuccessful trying to explain away his lack of residency in Kansas.  After several attempted explanations, it’s time for Pat Roberts to come clean and acknowledge the simple truth.
Truth is, Pat Roberts is a permanent resident of Alexandria, Virginia, and he has been for some time.  Pat Roberts lives in his home in Virginia, he has his mail delivered to his home in Virginia, and he even registers his vehicle, and vanity license plate in his home state of Virginia.
In 2008 Pat Roberts filed for the ballot using the address of his rental property in Dodge City that was occupied by someone else, and he had his absentee ballot mailed to his home in Virginia.  He must have known this didn’t satisfy the Article 1, Section 3 requirement in the Constitution that requires a Senator to be an inhabitant of the state they represent, because the day before Milton Wolf announced a primary challenge last October, Pat Roberts was signing up to rent a room from donors, and changing his voter registration address.
 The Senate was in recess for 214 days last year, and Senator Roberts refuses to tell Kansans how many of those days he spent in Kansas.  After having 6 employees research his schedule, he decided not to release their findings, most likely because the results were damning.
 Senator Roberts’ distance from Kansas has been shown the most in his votes.  Roberts has cast 11 votes to raise the debt ceiling, he voted for Barack Obama’s $600 billion tax hike, and he cast two crucial votes to confirm Kathleen Sebelius to run ObamaCare.  These votes are not consistent with Kansas values, they are consistent with the big-government career politicians that live and work with Pat Roberts in Washington DC.
 Renting a "room" in Kansas. You would think a man who has spent 47 years laboring selflessly for his Kansas constituents as a mere public servant could, after all this time, afford an apartment. I just checked the ads in Junction City and he could get a nice place for under $750.

In addition to his Imperial Senatorship, His Gravitas is also a Prince-Cardinal of the NSA.

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