Monday, February 10, 2014


President Obama has made a few judicial nominations that are not meeting with universal approval. No doubt he campaigned on this and will simply appoint them in spite of Congress the next time they recess for lunch or the evening or the weekend if he's feeling really patient about putting up with Congressional intransigence.
Georgia Rep. David Scott (D), said he approached Jarrett about two nominees in particular: one who once supported a state bill to keep the Confederate battle emblem a part of Georgia’s flag, and another who led the defense of the state’s photo ID law, which Scott claims is a statute designed “to keep black folks, as much as possible, from voting.”
I'm shocked that even a Congressman can get away with shouting that blacks are too stupid to get a free photo ID because Racist! You would think the great mass of liberal progressives would ride this jackass out of town on a rail for being so racist and slandering all blacks with this sort of vile stereotype.

The issue the Congressman has with the second nominee fails to surprise me. Just from reading the language the Hill used to describe the problem, it sounds like he was state solicitor or a state's attorney charged with both upholding and defending the laws of the state. He should be penalized for that because, why? Oh yeah, now I remember. This is the party that wanted every lawyer who ever agreed with Bush to be fired and jailed forever for thought crimes.

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