Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Whenever something like this happens to an idyllic tropical paradise there is only one thing to blame: the people. It makes you wonder whether or not all people can wear a democratic or republican form of government or if there are some who must labor on under the kind of rulers that don't have to pander to the stupidest people. People who really don't understand that even governments can run out of money.

It could have been a paradise.

It didn't help matters when the people's masters and the progressive Illuminati all rushed to kick the US Navy out of Vieques since at least one of them must have known what would follow.
One of the messes George W. Bush inherited was the Puerto Rican Island of Vieques. In the waning years of the Clinton Administration, protesters demanded the U.S. Navy abandon the bombing and naval gun fire exercises there. It became a leftist cause. Liberals bumped into each other to fly to Puerto Rico and get arrested: Al Sharpton, Robert Kennedy Jr.,  Edward Olmos, Mrs. Jess Jackson, just to name a few. 
Mrs. Clinton, running for Senate, played to the Puerto Rican population of New York and criticized the Pentagon for not caving, which here husband then did, ordering a phase-out of the facility. The Bush Administration reluctantly decided to close the range contrary to the recommendations of the Navy. So last week marked the Navy’s final bombing exercises. 
Protesters showed up waving Puerto Rican flags and shouting, “Navy Get Out!”
Well, they’re getting out. In fact, now Navy officials are talking about closing the major support base. That’s right; there goes the Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station, one of Puerto Rico’s largest employers, estimated to pump $300 million dollars into the local economy ever year. 
Suddenly, the governor says, “Wait a minute! The people of Puerto Rico don’t have any interest in the closing of the Roosevelt Roads base. The government of Puerto Rico is interested in that base staying in Puerto Rico for all the Economic benefits.”
“No doubt, Madam Mayor,” Admiral Robert Natter, the commander of the Atlantic Fleet says. “Without Vieques there’s no way I need the Navy facilities at Roosevelt Roads. None.”
You almost have to wonder how a place could get $70 billion in debt. That's a lot of money. Where did it all go? What did they piss it away on?

We need a mandatory course on the impact of socialist political/economic policy on every place that fell into that trap.  Good job Puerto Rico, you show up on the syllabus right under Cuba and Haiti.


Anne Bonney said...

Can't have it both ways - hmmm.

HMS Defiant said...

It is like they never saw that coming. Well, perhaps they didn't.