Saturday, February 15, 2014


The Secretary of State has declared that he will appoint a Special Fool to be in charge of U.S. affairs in the Arctic. I expect an outbreak of terrorism followed by a Civil War and genocide within the year.

Alas the poor Arctic. Perhaps we could settle displaced Palestinians there? I'm sure a Special Fool from the State Department will work something out at our enormous expense and everybody's mutual dissatisfaction. It is their skill.

You know the Special Fool is already looking forward to blending in with the Arctic natives. It's enough to hope that they actually run into some of the real natives, assuming any are left.

Plenty of room for, diplomacy


virgil xenophon said...

Great. A ton of useless diplomats but no ice-breakers, Marine Amphib capability, decreased USAF AD capability and slowdown on anti-ICBM emplacement. Things are going along swimingly..

HMS Defiant said...

Useless diplomats > hot air > global warming > no ice = no need for ice breakers. We'll all be swimming soon.