Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Our man of the Klystron Amplifier and Traveling Wave Tubes had a post up yesterday about some navigators. I couldn't quite see what he was talking about since there were a couple of guys in the way.  Anyhow, here's a couple of fine modern navigators that people don't see everyday.

The little bit on the pointy end opposite is the navigator of this little pencil of death known as the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile. The navigator was especially trained to drop bombs on the enemy at just the right spot. This navigator takes long cruises every year on seagoing ships that travel the world in mixed company. It is only good for one shot but it has lots of company and the vast majority make it to their final destination where they are frequently met by fireworks displays and great commotions.

The big fellow on the right is the navigator on a Minuteman III ballistic missile. This navigator can navigate in space and spends most of its time living in a very expensive hole in the ground under 20 feet of snow and ice. Polar bears roam the land above to keep people away. It is very lonely and under-appreciated.


Buck said...

Heh. Well... there are navigators and then there are NAVIGATORS.

Thanks for the link.

HMS Defiant said...

Just as SWOS gave us the phrase, Eye ball it in, the Air Force gave us the phrase, close enough for H bombs and hand grenades. I prefer the 'art' of navigation to the cold calculating science of navigation.